Kali Linux 2021.2 has been released by by Offensive Security and includes  many new tools, new theme and new features such as access to privileged ports, new tools, and a console-based configuration utility. check the following video for full details:

A quick summary of the changelog since the 2021.1 release from February 2021 is:

  • Releasing Kaboxer v1.0 – Introducing Kali Applications Boxer v1.0! Applications in containers
  • Releasing Kali-Tweaks v1.0 – Our way to make it easier to configure Kali Linux to your taste
  • Refreshed Bleeding-Edge branch – We did a complete make over for our backend that produces packages for the latest updates
  • Disabled privileged ports – Opening a listener on ports 1024/TCP-UDP and below no longer requires super-user access
  • New tools added – Ghidra & Visual Studio Code. Along with CloudBrute, Dirsearch, Feroxbuster, pacu, peirates, & Quark-Engine
  • Theme enhancements – We added a way to quickly swap between double & one-line terminal prompt and made Xfce4 Quick launch + file manager tweaks
  • Desktop wallpaper & login background updates – Default images have changed with more to choose from
  • Raspberry Pi images recharged – RPi 400 fully supported, built-in bluetooth working, & first-run wait time dramatically reduced
  • Kali NetHunter support for Android 11 – Android 11 support and various other improvements for our NetHunter platform
  • More Docker support – Now supporting ARM64 & ARM v7 (along with previous AMD64)
  • Parallels support – Kali is fully supported for Apple M1 users who have Parallels
  • Various bug fixes – Pkexec patched, Wireshark permissions, command-not-found issues, & more accessibility features are all resolved